George testimony


I had my garage door supplied by a certain provider and I hired a local technician to install it. Two months down the line the door stopped functioning normally as it could open only half way. I was so disappointed since I had invested a lot in this project. I went online to search for a garage door company that could repair the door and I landed on  Garage Door Galaxy. Today, I do not regret having chosen them as they carried out the replacement of the springs and made sure that the door was opening and closing as it should. I have since then engaged them for all the required services of the garage door. Their services are amazing yet offered at the best rates. From my experience, they are Gurus in this field!

 George Pound

Brian testimony

Highly reliable!

I am amazed by the service delivery in Garage Door Galaxy. I was among their first clients when they opened their company in 2010. They installed an overhead door in the garage of my residential home. Since then, I signed a contract with them for maintenance and repairs if need be and they have never failed for the last four years. I enjoy the routine maintenance services that have helped in keeping the door in good shape such that I have had to spend very little on replacement of different parts since any arising problem is identified early enough. They are always available and dedicated in all that they do, at affordable prices. For me, they are the best!

 Brian Wells



Ella testimony

Great work!

We own a hotel with high client turnover but we were concerned about the safety of the cars for our customers. We decided to have a large garage with several parking lots which would have several doors fixed. We required a reliable provider who would deliver quality work within a short time. A friend referred us to Galaxy Garage Door. We choose their services after comparing with several other companies who provides only the door without the installation services. They advised us on the best doors for the type of garage we wanted and assisted us in cutting the budget for the whole job. At the end we benefited from quality doors and services at the best rates in the market. Keep up guys!

Ella Barman