Repainting the garage door extends its lifespan and enhances the outlook of the entire home. The decision to repaint the door should be considered as a preparation for climate change. Remember that the door of the garage is exposed to scourging sun, acid rain, dents and scrapes. Good news is that you can reduce the expenses of repainting process by doing it yourself through the following steps;

Remove the old paint

The first step in providing a face lift to the door of your garage is removing any existing paint. Spread a polythene sheet of paper on the floor under the door in order to collect all the flaking paint. Then, make use of a plastic scrapper and a wire brush to scrape off the paint.

Make the layer smooth

Old paint removal process leaves a rough layer that may make repainting difficult. Therefore, to make the layer smooth, use the fine grit sand paper over the surface. If the and paper is not available, you can use a sponge or a sanding block.

Clean the door

Using gentle detergent and water, clean the door of the garage while scrubbing it with a nylon brush. Rinse the door well with clean water and allow it to dry. This helps in removing the dirt, old paint flakes and grease from the door.

Apply the painter’s tape

The painter’s tape helps in protecting the parts of the door that you do not want to paint. These parts include the windows and other ventilations, handles and locks present on the door. For instance, the tape should be applied round the edges of the windows, handles and locks.

Apply the paint

In order to repaint, start by applying oil based exterior primer on the door. A paint roller and angled paint brush should be used for a fine evenly spread layer. The oil based exterior primer should be left for about 24 hours to dry. Once completely dry, apply the acrylic paint over the surface of the garage door. Leave the outer coat to dry over 24hours and then remove the painter’s tape carefully.

For best repainting results, consult the garage doors supplier for advice on the best paint to use.


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