Garage Doors

Automatic and custom garage doors are available today. The door of the garage is essential in ensuring the safety of the garage. Use the guide below to buy garage door;

Doors for small garages

  • Rolling garage doors
  • Interior sliding doors

Doors for bigger garages

  • Up and over garage doors
  • Interior sliding doors




Garage door springs are essential for the movement of the door during opening and closing process. Major types of door springs are;

  • Extension door springs
  • Torsion springs

Safety should be maintained as the springs operate under great tension hence dangerous. Safety can be maintained through;

  • Routine maintenance of springs
  • Regular adding of pressure
  • Installation done by technicians


Garage door openers are integral part of the door of the garage. Their classification is based on the mechanism that operates the opener. Four major types of openers are;

  • Chain drive openers- Though noisy, the opener is reliable, cheap and easy to operate.
  • Screw driven openers- It is affordable and less noisy.
  • Belt drive openers- It is the most reliable, slightly expensive and produces less noise.
  • Automatic door openers-It relies on torsion springs and other computerized mechanisms to operate. It is highly reliable.


Garage door remotes are instrumental in the opening and closing of the automatic door. The following models of garage door opener remotes;

  • Chamberlain 2-button universal visor door remote– Has two buttons that controls double doors. It operates all door brands.
  • Sommer 2-button Visor remote– It is sleek and potable with maximum permitted transmitter range.
  • Armour Visor door remote– Comes with additional sets. Has security mechanism to prevent usage if stolen or lost. Use a PIN code for safety.

For other models call garage door galaxy for safe and reliable door remotes!

Garage door remote


Garage door sensors are tiny plastic electronic devices that stops, opens or closes the door automatically in case of safety issues. Different types are;

Safety sensors-It has two parts that are mounted on each side of the door. The sensor stops the door in case anything obstructs the beam of the door.

Battery operated door sensor- It is mounted on the door and makes use of radio signals. It monitors the panels inside the home.

2 Garage Sensors


Garage door keypads are essential in facilitating opening and closing of the doors. The following models are available;

  • Chamberlain wireless compatible rolling code keypad– has easy one button programming set-up and
    one button that ensures secure exit.
  • Genie wireless rolling code opener keypad– It is compatible with intellicode with dual frequency radio that gives strong signals.
  • Sommer wireless rolling code keypad– It is weather resistant and easy to program wireless keypad.

Call Galaxy to check all available Keypads

garage door keypad