Garage door openers are responsible for proper functioning of the door of the garage. This simply means that if the opener is faulty, the door will not run smoothly. Unfortunately, most openers act up when you are coming home late or while rushing to work. Door openers are prone to power surge effects that make them to malfunction. Power surge is a voltage spike in your electric lines that may be caused by electric storm, short circuit, power outage or a wiring problem.

Signs of a power surge affected garage door opener

You may not notice a power surge taking place but the following signs will help you know if your door opener is affected by an increase in power voltage:

  • Opener functioning occasionally- If the opener is affected by a power surge, it will tend to function occasionally.
  • LED lights not on– When an opener is affected by a power surge, its LED lights do not go on when activated.
  • Remote and keypad- These important opener systems stop working even when there is power in the outlet.

How to repair and protect door opener from power surge

  • Install power surge opener protectors

Consider installing a chamberlain garage door universal surge protector, LiftMaster garage door opener surge protectors or door opener surge suppressors. Contact a professional for advice and proper surge protector installation.

  • Apply for regular door maintenance

Professional garage door maintenance helps in arresting the opener issues especially those caused by a power surge early. This eliminates expensive replacements and emergency repair calls.

  • Timely repair

Should you notice any or all the warning signs, contact a provider with 24hour emergency response to timely fix the power surge affected garage door opener.





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