Quality garage door made with modern style is a great investing for a classic and safe residential or commercial building. The availability of different types of doors based on the operating mechanism and materials make door selection a tricky affair. When buying a door for your garage, versatility, durability and cost of the door are major considerations to make. Acquiring knowledge on the existing door materials and their advantages make door buying exercise easy and successful. To help you out, here are different door materials and their benefits:
 Wood
Wood is a common door material which is locally available in any given region. Wood is versatile, durable especially if made of sturdy wood such as mahogany and highly resistant to dents. Wooden doors may require frequent inexpensive painting especially if your home is located in a region with humid temperatures.
 Vinyl doors
Vinyl material is strong and commonly known as kid proof as it is highly resistant to dents and cracks. Though available in few colors, these doors are durable and require minimal maintenance.
 Aluminum
Aluminum doors are versatile as they are available in many colors to suit different home decors. These doors are highly resistant to rust though prone to dents.
 Fiberglass doors
Fiberglass material produces stylish looking doors that are resistant to rust, dents and cracking. Double glass layers fitted with steel end caps helps in making the garage door sturdy and minimizes chances of breaking easily under impact.
 Steel
Steel produces garage doors that are sturdy, durable and affordable. Though prone to dents and rust, steel doors do not require a lot of maintenance. Getting a galvanized door with a tough top coat finishing eliminates issues related with rust and ugly scratches.


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