Every garage owner wishes to have a great looking door with high performance. Unfortunately the door of the garage is exposed to harsh weather conditions such as acid rain, snow flakes, scorching sun, humidity and freezing temperatures. These and other factors, such as being hit with objects and exposure to dust cause scratches, stains and dents that make the door to appear old and worn. Also, the performance of the door is affected due to wear process and straining of door parts such as springs and opener.

DIY garage door enhancement secretes

Hey, you want a smoothly running door and fresh looking garage door, do you? Here are some inexpensive and easy to do tips for you:

  • Clean and paint the door regularly

Dirt, scratches and dents make the door of the garage to appear old and worn. In addition, dust particles mix with the lubricant and clogs in the inner parts of the door causing great friction that hastens wear and tear. Clean the door at the end of every major climatic season with hot water and a gentle detergent, repaint and lubricate the door.

  • Door insulation

An insulated door has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing the required comfort due to temperature regulation capacity. You can choose to follow DIY insulation tips or better call a technician to do it for best results.

  • Timely repairs and maintenance

Maintenance and fixing a faulty door helps in improving its performance. It is advisable to contact a technician for accurate identification of the door problem and repair. Lubricate your garage door regularly to prevent friction.



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