Basic door care tasks during summer play a great role in extending the life span of your garage door. Summer season is characterized by humidity and occasional rains that may gradually cause door problems. Do not wait for the door to start acting up for you to take action. Perform the following door care tasks and invite professional once in a while to maintain the door for you.

  • Inspect the hardware

When inspecting the hardware, look for bent hinges, loose wheels, worn out rollers and check the alignment of the tract. Tighten up the loose hardware and replace the broken and missing parts such as bolts. Test the door by disconnecting the opener and manually lift the door. The door should run smoothly and if not, the spring system and opener need to be inspected. For your safety call a professional to assess and repair the cables, springs, pulleys and opener.

  • Test door reinforcement

Regular testing of the door is an important task for garages in hurricane hot spots and high wind areas. These strong winds are common during the summer season affecting mostly the coastal regions. If you have an existing door, call a technician to assess the stability and sturdiness of the door. Hurricanes and strong winds can literary blow away a weak garage door. Consider installing a strong and study door of the garage.

  • Sand the rust

The presence of rust on the door is an indication of moisture effects. Protect your garage door by sanding the rust and applying zinc-rich primer and exterior latex. Contact a garage door expert for advice.




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